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Maryland’s Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program to be Highlighted on WJZ’s ‘Ask the Expert’ on June 30th

Call-in event lets unemployed homeowners facing foreclosure connect to helpful resources


What: “Ask the Expert” Call-In Program – Emergency Mortgage Assistance

Why: Baltimore homeowners who have lost income and are behind on mortgage payments will be able to get valuable information about Maryland’s Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program during WJZ’s ‘Ask the Expert’ call-in event.

Volunteers will be on hand to answer calls about the EMA loan application process as well as provide information on housing counseling and legal assistance services that can benefit homeowners in need.

Homeowners eligible for the EMA program include those who:

• Are experiencing a loss of employment income because of the economy or a medical condition. Homeowner(s) must have a current income that is at least 15% less than it was prior to the loss of employment.
• Are 3-12 months delinquent on their mortgage payments and pending foreclosure. It must be the first mortgage on the principal residence of the homeowner.
• Have a total household income equal to, or less than, 120% of the Area Median Income (AMI), including wages, unemployment benefits, and other income. (See for AMI chart.)
• Have a reasonable likelihood (based on industry underwriting standards) of being able to resume mortgage payments within 2 years, when full employment has been regained.

Prospective applicants must meet certain prequalification requirements.

When: Thursday, June 30, 2011 from 12:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Where: Tune in to WJZ Channel 13 in Baltimore

Information: The “Ask the Expert” call-in # (410)466-1313. Homeowners not able to call should visit the MD HOPE website at or call the HOPE hotline (877) 462-7555 for more information on Maryland’s Emergency Mortgage Assistance program. Questions also can be sent to the department’s social media pages: Twitter ( and Facebook (


For more information:

Erlene Wilson
Director, Office of Communications and Marketing

Rosa Cruz
Deputy Director, Office of Communications and Marketing

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